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Friday, 17 August 2012

Premier League Table Prediction

Every man and their dog, plus the occasional clueless pundit are making predictions on how the table will look after premier league matchday 38, so here's my hat thrown into the ring.

1.   Man City
2.   Man Utd.
3.   Chelsea
4.   Arsenal
5.   Liverpool
6.   Tottenham
7.   Everton
8.   Newcastle
9.   Fulham
10. QPR
11. Aston Villa
12. Swansea
13. Stoke
14. Sunderland
15. Southampton
16. West Brom
17. West Ham
18. Norwich
19. Wigan
20. Reading

I assumed this would be an easy post to write, however while thinking about each position it actually became rather hard to fit it all together. One things for certain the league is stronger than its ever been, the lower half of the table will be intriguing with around 8 teams who could find themselves in trouble. I would guess the top 2 are all but set in stone but 3rd and 4th places will be more hotly contested than ever, which should make for a great season (well they always are really, lets be honest).

 ** In other news - Slow news day.

(Ball pic politely borrowed from MSN Money, cheers.)

Friday, 27 January 2012

HMRC Special

Would write a brilliant match report of Watford v Tottenham below... but I'd rather have a few drinks instead. However because I'm so committed I will write a Twitter match report (Like the BBC Football ticker but crap), because I'm trendy like that.

( "Watford started brighter, ended brighter and were pretty bright throughout. However in the end didn't have that cutting edge to win the game. It would have most likely been a replay at the Lane if not for unfortunate Scott Loach." )

- 6th Min -Stand up if you paid your tax, Stand up if you paid you tax #Footiebanter #UnluckyArry #WatfordFC

- 17th Min - #Watford playing really well v#Spurs on the counter, compact enough in defense at the moment as well, Spurs not turned up yet, lacking tempo

- 18th Min -#goodbanter "the quality of the football and the commentator is making me feel like i'm playing PES" #spoton

- 29th Min - GOAL!!!!!!!!! In the game i'm not watching #typical

- 39th Min - Oh dear

- 40th Min - The worlds flat...Well this game is, I think Arry picked the wrong team, another goal in other match #tidy

- 43rd Min - Well there we have it, a Goalkeeping mistake, Loach when the ball hits the ground it bounces #Learnsomethingeveryday

- 45th Min - "We've only had 1 shot" sound strangly proud of that?

Half Time - Watford maybe had the better of the half to be pleasant about it, but in reality no bite is always going to cost you. If they can keep knocking away at Tottenham maybe they'll have joy... but I reckon/Hope Spurs will come out with a bit more gusto.

- HT - Half time report I think John Barnes should stick to rapping, and the FA Cup mascot is ridiculous, Peace out

- 49th Min - Will Watford come any closer? Sean Murray/Troy Deeney Good luck with that.

- 57th Min - #Banter? Van der Vaart is overrated. / Life is overrated. Calm down lads.

- 66th Min - #FACupUpset, not surprised I'm upset too after this, looking forward to a good game tomorrow now #SwanseaCityFC v #BoltonFC

- 75th Min - Spurs just look a little leggy to put it nicely, causing Watford to come at them. Can they handle the pressure.

- 79th Min - Doesn't look like Watford are going to get a goal, snatching at things more than anything

- Full Time -
Well Tottenham FC went to Watford FC, looked shattered, and just about won a game devoid of any FA Cup magic. Watford started brighter, ended brighter and were pretty bright throughout. However in the end didn't have that cutting edge to win the game. It would have most likely been a replay at the Lane if not for unfortunate Scott Loach. The Hornets had 25 attempts on goal (12 on target (woodwork twice)) against Spurs' 6 (4 on target (woodwork once)). That says it all really, as does 0 goals.

For Tottenham they lacked spark for whatever reason, they certainly looked tired, and I for one was surprised at how many first team players were in tonight's starting line up. Really they spent the match conceding possession cheaply and sitting back. Not the best but they progress, and in doing so clearly mark themselves as serious contenders. They will no doubt play better in the next round, they don't have to play Watford every week.

Lad of the match: Harry Redknapp, got out of court early to make the match, top legal system.
Man of the Match: Rafael Van Der Vaart, scored a goal wow. 
(Should have been)Man of the Match: Marvin Sordell, looked the most dangerous out of the Watford players.

Summary of the game tonight provided by Sir Alan Sugar: 

@Lord_Sugar "well spurs won but not a good game"

Other games:
Everton 2 - 1 Fulham
Chesterfield 1 - 1 Bournemouth
Gabon 3 - 2 Morocco
Niger 1 - 2 Tunisa

(See I can write a half decentish match report)

** In Other News - Everyone loves goals here's 10 you've probably not have seen Link  (collated by Football Speak)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Completely Unrelated to Swansea post...honest

Well not really, second post, second lie.

Wanted to point out a great article, out of many from Sabotage Times. This one being about Little Britton, Its great for him to take the plaudits now, only 13 years after moving from Arsenal to West Ham for £400,000 a then record move for a 16 year old. I've always been delighted to watch him at the club and long may it continue.

Anyhow heres the article - http://www.sabotagetimes.com/football-sport/how-swansea-citys-leon-britton-became-the-xavi-of-south-wales/                                                                                                                  

Leons actually only a few feet tall (damn two lies in a post now)

(Pic gratefully stolen from, rather embarrassingly The Daily Mail)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Yay!!!!! a Sports Blog (not enough of them is there?)

So this is a blog about sports and stuff, based on one man and his dog. Just without the dog and with opinions.

I am a Swans fan but I'm not going to go on constantly about how brilliant we are, although that will happen. I will try to be as unbiased as possible with my comment. Comment will take place on whatever I see fit, so don't mess.

I lied there is a dog, first and last, however this is a sports blog. Get a grip.

**In Other News:  Hit or Miss - Robbie Findley (Notts Forest) good effort at missing.
                                                  Pretty Much worth watching http://youtu.be/LzDTih9xteQ

(Pic from tvrecappersanonymous.wordpress.com (such a good boy naming where I've stole things from))